Reusing our plastic bottles!


Today in the classroom we spent a session ‘reusing’ plastic bottles from home and turned them into something else for our inquiry unit on the 4Rs. We were lucky enough to share this session with 2B who came and joined us in our room. Among the new creations there were pencil holders, fairy houses, trucks, rockets, cups and hats among many other things. The students used their imaginations and a range of materials to decorate their creations! There was a lot of mess along the way, but all in all it was great fun! There were some really inventive ideas! We took a few photos so we could share with fun with everyone else.


11 thoughts on “Reusing our plastic bottles!

  1. Dear Miss Morvell

    The decapage was really fun and awesome can’t wait till more crafting things this year.

    From Jessica

  2. Hi Miss Morvell,

    One of the things I learnt about recycling was reuse plastic bottles and jars. I also learnt to say no to plastic bags at the supermarket.

    From Jacob

  3. Hi Miss Morrell,

    One of the things I have been learning about is recycling I made a pencilcase rocket.

    From Amelia.

  4. Hi Miss Morvell,

    I learnt to recycle plastic bottles and change them in to useful stuff. Also use scrap paper.

    From James

  5. Hi Mrs Morvell,

    You can recycle plastic bottles but first you, rinse it out and make sure it is clean and then it’s ready to recycle. If you use a plastic bottle you can make a rocket ship buy trying your best. My buddie Cameron showers for four minutes,and I shower for one minute.

    From taj and Cameron

  6. Dear Miss Morvell,

    I leant that reusing is good for the enviroment and I liked the bottle making .

    From Chloe and Ella.

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