Our Inquiry project

Our inquiry topic this term is the 4Rs; Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle. The students have been brainstorming and discussing what things they can reduce, reuse, refuse and recycle at both school and home. The students have been given a survey to complete at home, which asks them to explore about how things around the house are recycled, who takes out the rubbish, what sorts of compost and rubbish routines are implemented in your homes among other questions. Please help them to fill these surveys out! We love to have you involved and discussing these things with your children.

We have also asked the students to collect and bring to school a clean milk, or plastic bottle from home as we will be ‘reusing’ them and turning them into something else the students can use. We have discussed with the students different things they could bring, some of which could include:

plastic milk bottles, soft drink bottles, plastic margarine containers or large yoghurt containers.

As long as they bring something that they can decorate that is a fairly medium size they can use will be fine. We have also asked the students to collect anything extra they can also bring from home to ‘reuse’ as a decoration for their project. Any help you can give them to collect these things would be great. We will be making their new creations on Tuesday next week.

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