Welcome to 2D!

Welcome to 2D at New Gisborne Primary! Already we are now into week 4 and we have been super busy. Our first week back of term 1 involved us working through our Positive Start Program. The children revisited the school values of respect and integrity and discussed how we can incorporate these into our classroom. We finished our Positive Start Week with a whole school picnic in which families were able to visit our classroom and share lunch with the children.

We have also just finished two weeks of swimming! The children really enjoyed spending each afternoon learning new swimming techniques and even participated in a swimming safety lesson. They finished with a fun final session full of exciting swimming games!

Now that swimming is over we have begun to settle into our reading, writing and numeracy routines. We are looking forward to learning lots of new things together this year as well as having a lot of fun along the way!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to 2D!

  1. Hi miss Mrovall it is my first time on our blog I am happy today at lunch time we are going to a rodeo

  2. Hi Miss Morvell,

    It’s great to be in class 2D. WOW! I love our reading activities. On the first time doing the activities it was hard but I got through it.

    From Hannah and Scott

  3. Hi Miss Morvell,

    I liked doing the project of the 4 R’s, I reuse at home as well I made a Easter egg basket.

    From Alice

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